World_Wide_TattooVarious parts of the human body world wide tattoo, marks and patterns drawn on the skin. Sometimes a letter, a name or a symbol.

Indians, Japanese, American Indians, and some tribes in Africa, they also tattoo as an ornamental in many societies as a protective talisman against evil spirits and diseases is applied, which is used to highlight the position of the individual in society. People who have forged gains will increase in Arabia believes. Today, people either ornamental or reason to express their thoughts.

Tattoo as permanent or temporary, including 2 kinds of sintering. Permanent signs, symbols, images, over time, people who think it would be boring in general transport temporary tattoos. The reason for the temporary paint used variety. As Indian henna dye used in the interim. In this case, the point is not against the paint on your skin. Who will permanently is to be made by the person shape in a clear manner to be determined.

The tradition of world wide tattoo is quite old. In the 2000s, Former B.C. Egypt society wrought by the mumyalardan. The Egyptians had struck, and the Thracians except the tattoos. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to slaves with the criminals. The Christian faith was banned for forging. By contrast, the first Christians, their bodies bearing the name of Jesus or cross patterns tattoos to the trip. Forget centuries past the Europeans break tattoo. in the late 18th century the overseas trips for the United yerlilerinde and Polenazya peoples met again.

European languages, the word for the word Tahiti language tautau tattoo. This art 20. After the early 20th century, especially among the sailors. Romantic sentiment, patriotism was used as widely and specify either and are still used today. But some diseases such as AIDS and hygiene importance on the grounds of the legal restrictions on making unlicensed tattoo in order to spread.

In terms of health, the process must be very clean place to minimize the problems that may occur. Hygiene is the most important factor. You must specify the location at which the process so well. At the same time, everyone is different and the process with clean materials, implements the halls should be preferred.

Different methods are used in making the world wide tattoo. The skin is immersed in the pointed bone, horn or steel needle is filled with various colors of paints and a drop-down in the holes. Nowadays modern methods to the methods mentioned above, if the tattoo made with less and less harmful for health is made with the dyes. Tattoo machines used in making the needle mechanism on a high thanks to travel with a leather like comfy and less ink drawing prompt is incorrect. Other mixes containing gunpowder or ammonium nitrate, technical cracking to ignite them by spreading. After the burning of the skin, skin, especially when these operations are never up front a Burns scarring or dark blue in color.

While most used world wide tattoo dye yields. Brown for antimony powder, Indigo, hammered together İsle bone powder, saffron and various plant extracts, Henna is also used. It follows that appears on the skin, according to the materials can be a toned red.

You can have your dream world wide tattoo designs. Everything your imagination.